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Micro Innovative Onco Therapeutic Injection System (www.miotheris.com)

The Miotheris project has produced a prototype dedicated to release multi therapeutic agents into solid cancerous tumors. Minimally invasive, this multi modal device allows the tumor mass to be first physically destroyed by thermoablation and then injected intratumorally with the appropriate chemical agents.

Proto_Statice Prototype capable of dual injection : hot vaporized water or chemical compounds in solution. (collaboration Statice, Besançon)


Two options : one syringe at a time or a twin system. (collaboration Statice, Besançon) statice_2


statice_3 A special needle with a harpoon deployed to maintain the tips fixed. (collaboration Pérouse, Ivry-le-temple)

This R&D project has been supported by the French funding program ISI (Strategic Industrial Innovation) from OSEO agency (now BPI).

Last update: 21/05/2015

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